Lab Write Up 10

Name: Cameron Beattie

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #10

Problem Overview #1

This problem focused on using clones to make a game about splashing gremlins with water

My Solution

I had a cloud sprite create a water sprite that travels downwards. When the water touches the "gremlin" sprite, the gremlin shrinks and splits into more gremlines using the change size and clone commands.

Project Link

Problem Overview Pair Programming

This problem focused on using a simulation of population fluxuation and lists to make graphs of data

My Solution

I exported the lists after the simulation was done and copied the data into exel to make a graph. Then i copied the Graph and pasted it in paint to make it a pdf. (the rabbits are red in graph 1 and blue in graphs 2 and 3)


  1. What data is attached to each clone? That is, what is changed on each clone that allows for the rabbits and foxes to appear/disappear?
    • If the Rabbits the touch a fox, that Rabbit dies, and a reproduction rate is divided by 100 until its 100 or more, then it restarts. The more rabbits the Foxes eat, the faster they clone, and if they don't eat enough rabbits, they die.
  2. Are the simulation results the same each time? Why or why not?
    • No, the animals move randomly so there will be a wide variety of data.