Lab Write Up

Name: Cameron Beattie

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #1

Lab Overview

This lab focused on the basics of creating web pages. We created our first website and took a course on html.


  1. What is an IP address? How does it work?
    • A number sequence used to identify a computer inside a network. It separates computers based on their unique numbers and uses them to communicate between each computer.
  2. What is a domain name? How does it relate to the IP address?
    • The part of the IP adress that links it to a specific domain.
  3. What does HTML stand for?
    • Hypertext Markup Language.
  4. What is the default page named in a website (e.g. the home page)?
    • The Index
  5. What is the image html tag?
    • The image html tag is img src=