Project Entropy, a work in progress game title

Enty 1, Project goals 10/2/15

Google 20 is a system designed by Google to allow employees time to work creatively on their own ideas. In our class, we will be dedicating 20% of our time (Fridays) to work on a project of our choice. We hope to eventually create a story-driven, turn-based strategy RPG. Gameplay will be similar to a games like Fire Emblem and D&D, with pokemon/earthbound style world exploration, in-depth character creation, and interesting combat. we chose this project because it is the type of game we'd like to play, and we'd rather not wait for someone else to make it. Hopefully, we'll learn a lot about C#, Unity, game design and balance, and anything else there is to making a full game.

In order to do this, we're going to need an understanding of C# and Unity. We're also going to need to know how to work together to make sure the best of all of our ideas make it into the game, without anyone dominating production or being undermined. The only way to learn this is through time and effort. As for information about coding, we'll reference the massive amounts of online information, especially on the unity website.

Creating the game engine will be the most challenging aspect of this project. As we start out, we'll immediately be putting our minds to the most difficult technically challenges, with little knowledge of Unity and C#. Another very difficult aspect of developement however, will be creating a story interesting enough to drive the game. A weak story makes for a boring game.

Entry 2, 10/14/15

We've got the very basics of grids and grid movement up and running. We've created a simple path finder that lets you click on a location to make your character move to that location, taking the shortest possible route. However, finding a way to highlight the tiles within range of your character is turning out to be very, very difficult.

After we figure that out, we'll be move on to containing and using variables (stats) for each individual character, or a procedure for each character in a combat taking its turn.

Entry 3, 10/16/15

We are still working on creating a highlight feature, I've also been learning about interface elements. Some progress has also been made with sprites and tiles.

Entry 4, 10/23/15

There are some Major bugs with the Highlighting still. Fixing bugs has proven to be very complex and in the process of trying to fix things, we've actually made a few more problems. We'll probably be debugging for a while.

Entry 5, 10/30/15

We're still working on fixing a few bugs. The pathfinding works to a degree but there's still some issues. Hopefully we'll be able to move on from this soon.

Entry 5.5, 11/5/15

We fixed most if not all of the bugs with our pathfinder and highlighting system. We have finally moved on to other components of the game. I have peronally be working on the user interface, things like start screens and menus. We've also been working on the combat system and how stats affect gameplay as well as character developement. Hopefully we'll have some kind of playable demo in a few weeks.

Entry 8?, 12/11/15

We made more sprites and checked balance. we also talked about our future plans for how we want mechanics to work. otheriwse I mainly made music using sound editting software.

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